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People Search Tips

What's the easiest way to find a person in the People Directory?

Type only the last name of the person you want to find in the search box, then press the Enter key or click on the Search button. The search will return exact matches as well as possible matches.

I can't find the person I am seeking. Why not?

There may be several reasons:

  • You may be searching for someone by a nickname instead of their legal name. For example, searching for "Jeff" will not match a legal name of "Jeffery". Employees may contact their departmental HR specialist to enter a preferred name in addition to their legal name.
  • The person may not be in the database. Either he/she is not at K-State, has recently left K-State, or is in the process of coming to K-State. (Also, some people confuse K-State with the University of Kansas.)
  • The person may be a K-Stater who has an unlisted e-mail address. A student may choose to remove their information from public view in the People directory by contacting the Registrar's Office per FERPA requirements. An employee (faculty/staff member) is generally required to have a public entry.
  • You may be searching incorrectly.
    1. You cannot search by first name only. However, you can search by eID, and because some people's eIDs are based on their first name, it may appear that first name searches work.
    2. If you use the Lastname, Firstname format, a comma must be included between the two parts of the name. (A space before or after the coma is optional.)
    3. When searching for a hyphenated last name, type the entire hyphenated last name with no spaces. Example: Taylor-Caldwell

How do I search by address, curriculum, department, title, etc.?

You can't. For security purposes, the people search has been limited to only searching by name and/or K-State eID.

Why doesn't an individual's personal webpage show up for someone?

The person may not have a webpage. Any K-State student or employee may have a personal webpage. Some choose not to have one or do not have the permissions set correcty to be public.

How often is information updated in the People directory?

eID changes will show up in the People directory within minutes.

Student and employee information is usually updated within 24 hours of the change.