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Updating information

Updating people information


Information about students can be updated by signing into KSIS or contacting the Registrar's Office.

To edit the visibility of your contact information in the campus phone book and People Directory, sign in to your eProfile.


Information about K-State employees, whether student, faculty, or staff, is maintained and updated in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) by the hiring unit's personnel specialist. To update your information, contact your unit's personnel specialist.

It is not possible to list an email address other than your eid@k-state.edu address.

Updating directory information

If your unit or department changes its name, location, phone number, etc., contact directories@k-state.edu.

Updating web information

When a K-State webpage is updated, the changes are reflected in web searches as Google reindexes the page, which may take a few weeks to a few months.